Sorry to ask this in English, my written German is simply to embarrassing!

Maybe this is possible somehow but I am missing the following features:

Firstly, in IFTTT none of the sensor inputs (movement, ambient light, or temperature) of the indoor or outdoor sensors can act as a trigger. Could this not be added?

Secondly, it would be great to have more flexibility in programming within the (or another) app itself. Some “ if this then that or/and“ functionality where multiple criteria can be selected.

Just one example would be:

I have an outside lamp and an outside switch connected. All works as expected.

I also have lights in a stairwell that come on at sunset and off at a set time. They also come on in the morning at sunrise and switch off at a certain time. It would make MUCH more sense if the morning schedule was affected by the ambient light reading known to the (already utilised) outside light sensor, in addition to times, so if it is light enough at 8:00 am it switches off, and else it stays on until the designated time of 8:30..

Another use would be to be able to switch on a plug in the garage (say for a heater) if the ambient temperature goes below a certain level. Being able to COMBINE this with other arguments would make this much more powerful.

dandan beantwortete Frage 11. März 2022