because there seems to be NO solution online anywhere, I am going to post this question in english,
so others can get help in the future.

I am going crazy over this.

Scenario: I have a motion sensor and a smart button in the same room.

  1. I enter the room and the motion sensor fires – lights turn on.
  2. I exit the room and press the smart button – lights turn off.
  3. I forgot something in the room and enter it again within 10 seconds – lights stay off.
  4. I move around for XXX amount of minutes – lights stay off.
  5. I exit the room and wait 10 seconds.
  6. I enter the room and the motion sensor fires – lights turn on.

It seems like there is a 10 second delay after the motion sensor firing, in which the state of „motion detected“ and „motion undetected“ is locked can not change, therefore the motion sensor does not fire again.

I tried HueDynamic but the motion sensor function „Reset motion timout if lights are switched off“ does not work.

I tried all4hue but can’t find the appropriate setting (I tried to do it with timers, variables and so on, but no satisfying result).

I tried HueEssentials.. Alexa.. The original Hue app…

Nothing works.

Anyone has a working solution to my specified problem?

This is a mandatory.

Thanks and greetings, Chris.

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